We are committed to making a Lawrence education accessible to all admitted students.


At Lawrence we work hard to make the scholarship and financial aid process as straightforward as possible so that you have the resources you need to finance your education. And with 99% of our students receiving some form of financial aid, and 75% of our students receiving need based aid, we are confident that we can create a plan that will allow you to invest in a bright future here at Lawrence.

来帮助你开始, we’ve broken down the total cost along with the average amount families pay by overall family income.

Información sobre la ayuda financiera y becas en español.

Un glosario de terminología de ayuda financiera en español.

students play music together on lawn by 银河娱乐城 of 音乐



of Lawrentians receive need-based financial aid


of Lawrentians receive merit-based scholarships only


of Lawrentians receive financial aid of some kind


comprehensive fee (includes tuition, fees, housing, & 膳食计划)

Average 助学金后的成本 (scholarships, grants & 贷款)

家庭收入* Avg. 金融援助 Avg. 助学金后的成本
$0 - $39,999 $62,000 $5,300
$40,000 - $79,999 $59,300 $8,000
$80,000 - $119,999 $52,100 $15,200
$120,000 - $159,999 $45,000 $22,300
$160,000 - $200,000 $41,700 $25,600
$200,000+ $36,000 $31,300

*Based on families with less than $40,000 in 资产

In 2023-24 the university awarded $55.8 million in grants and scholarships to Lawrentians.


Our 金融援助 Estimator can provide an approximation of what a new first-year student might expect to pay to attend Lawrence. Complete the estimator to see how various factors may impact your out of pocket cost.

*The estimator is neither an application for, nor an official offer of, financial aid.



Lawrence is a unique community filled with uniquely talented individuals. We are a place where students with multiple talents and diverse interests come together to form a learning community like no other. Our scholarships recognize this mosaic of talents and interests with a variety of merit-based awards. 



如果你的家人和大多数人一样, you will draw upon a combination of savings, 资产, and current income to finance your education. At Lawrence, we understand that for many people these resources are not enough. Between the FAFSA and supplemental aid applications, our need-based financial aid opportunities have designed to assist in making a Lawrence education a reality.

Find more information about scholarships and financial aid for international students.



The Faces of Full Speed to Full Need

Full Speed to Full Need is a bold move to make Lawrence accessible and affordable by meeting the full demonstrated financial need of every student.